Vaccine Donations & Exports

As disparities in vaccine access continue to grow, we are turning our attention to vaccine exports. As we know from tracking purchase deals and vaccination rates throughout the pandemic, purchasing vaccines doesn’t mean countries have vaccines. Deliveries have proven difficult to track systematically but we are focusing on exports across the four key vaccine manufacturing regions: the US, Europe, China, and India.

Exports from these major vaccine producers to COVAX and LMICs will be critical to addressing the persistent and significant gaps in vaccine access worldwide. Tabs 1.1 and 1.2 below show export data for China (from The Bridge) and India (from the India Ministry of External Affairs). We have been unable to find reliable and updated data on exports from the EU, UK, or US but we believe that transparent reporting of this data is important to understanding the landscape and to developing data-driven policy responses. If you know of sources of this information, please share them with us at

Please see our early analysis of the export landscape here (from July 9, 2021).


Given that wealthy countries have purchased far more doses than they need, while supply for COVAX and bilateral deals for LMICs has struggled, dose donations have become increasingly important for vaccine equity. Getting enough doses to cover the most vulnerable groups in many poorer countries before the end of 2021 will require those countries that have enough to share.

Tabs 2.1 and 2.2 show how many donated doses have been pledged and/or shipped, by donor country, type of vaccine, and income status and region of recipient country. Clicking on a bar in the interactive bar chart in Tab 2.1 will display, in the map below, where donations from that donor country have gone. The squares to the right show the relative sizes of total donations by recipient region.

In Tab 2.2, the dropdown menus allow you to change the variables shown on both sides of the chart, to look at the data in different ways.