The Race for Global COVID-19 Vaccine Equity

A flurry of nearly 200 COVID-19 vaccine candidates are moving forward through the development and clinical trials processes at unprecedented speed; more than ten candidates are already in Phase 3 large-scale trials and several have received emergency or limited authorization. Our team has aggregated and analyzed publicly available data to track the flow of procurement and manufacturing and better understand global equity challenges. We developed a data framework of relevant variables and conducted desk research of publicly available information to identify COVID vaccine candidates and status, deals and ongoing negotiations for procurement and manufacturing, COVID burden by country, and allocation and distribution plans. We have also conducted interviews with public officials in key countries to better understand the context and challenges facing vaccine allocation and distribution

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COVID-19 Vaccine Data

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We are at an exceedingly perilous and urgent moment in the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Delta variant has demonstrated, we are fighting a virus that doesn’t respect borders and rapidly advances across continents. If the virus continues to circulate unchecked in large parts of the world, we will see not only many more millions of infections and deaths, but also new variants that could totally pierce vaccine immunity, returning the world to square one.  

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We are at an exceedingly perilous and urgent moment in the COVID-19 pandemic. The Delta variant, vastly more dangerous and pernicious than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, has rapidly spread worldwide. It has been driving a deadly summer surge in the US; ripping through Latin America; causing Indonesia to become the next Asian hotspot; and fueling a third wave of the pandemic in Africa, where less than two percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. To respond, the US must build on the rapid development and availability of its highly effective vaccines – ensuring easy access for any American who wants to be vaccinated, and readiness to rapidly deploy boosters and vaccines for children. But as Delta has shown, an effective domestic response is not enough. Read more here.

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Our research has recently been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, Bloomberg, and The Guardian and many other outlets, including El Diario in Spain, as well as Al Jazeera. View and listen to these brief commentaries from our research team on BBCNPR, NYPoficial (Paraguay) and ABC News.

Featuring Dr. Krishna Udayakumar, Director, Duke GHIC - VOX, April 28, 2021

Dr. Ernesto Ortiz

Dr. Ernesto Ortiz, Senior Manager - CNN Espanol, February 22, 2021

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These data and analyses are updated every week. We are tracking the data to the best of our ability, though there may be gaps given the speed of developments and lack of detailed information in many public statements.

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