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Early insights from our research illuminate the variety of pathways and timelines between milestones for a selection of the studied interventions.

Intervention:YearAntenatal corticosteroidsBiliChekChlorhexidineHIV self-testLong-lasting insecticide-treated netsMagnesium sulfatePre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)Sayana® PressTafenoquineUterine balloon tamponadeVitamin A supplementationXpert® MTB/RIF1924194719701975198019851990199520002005201020152020IdeationMilestone:Proof of conceptSRA approval1st in-country launchApproval by WHO body or other global procurement listWHO initial policy guidelinesWHO latest policy guidelinesCRITICAL MILESTONES OF VARIOUS HEALTH INTERVENTIONS:IDEATION TO FIRST LOW/MIDDLE-INCOME COUNTRY LAUNCH (1965-2020)Key TermsIdeation: Date of discovery or idea for specific interventionProof of Concept: Intervention demonstrated to be safe and effective for intended purpose in humansSRA: Stringent Regulatory Authority (Approval from a stringent regulatory body as defined by ICH)Source: Duke Global Health Innovation Center

Featured Publications

Vitamin A
Scaling Life-Saving Interventions Faster Case Studies Series: Vitamin A Supplementation

This case study is part of a series that explores pathways and important factors that contribute to the development and uptake of global health interventions - from proof of concept to scale-up.

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Framework For a Global Action Plan for COVID-19 Response

A call to action for world leaders to convene a "Global Pandemic Response and Vaccination Summit" to create a coordinated, global response to the pandemic.

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Issue Brief: Deciphering the Manufacturing Landscape for COVID-19 Vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing landscape is highly dynamic, both expanding and contracting almost daily. This issue brief is the first analysis of publicly available information about COVID vaccine manufacturing. Updated data available.

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Impact of COVID-19 on Maternal & Child Health Services in Ethiopia and India

In this paper we analyze the impact of COVID-19 on maternal and child health services in Ethiopia and India at the outset of the pandemic from April to September 2020.


Conducting research into the variety of interventions and their launch and scale pathways requires significant review of white and gray literature, reports, articles, and other materials. A sample of these resources that have informed our research are aggregated along the launch and scale framework dimensions.