Country Data

Sharing data with the global community on the speed and the factors involved in launching and scaling an intervention in a specific country is a key aim of the Speedometer. For comparative purposes, we selected India, Ethiopia, and Nigeria as specific countries to study for all interventions. Beyond these, additional countries were studied based several factors including where interventions may have been first implemented or where they were most successful in scaling. Similar to the global data, the country data is composed of milestones and characteristics that paint a picture of how the intervention traveled various pathways from pilots, to regulatory approvals, to subsequent procurement and distribution in a country. The country characteristic filters enable narrowing interventions based on local context, including cultural acceptance, price, and the presence of a local champion of the intervention.

View the data dictionary here. Dates displayed are in year-month-day format (as available) and show the exact date identified in the research.

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Intervention Health Topic Specific Health Topic Intervention Type Country Country Pilot Regulatory Approval Essential Medicine, Products List Policy Guidelines Nat'l Implementation Plan Launch 20% Uptake 50% Uptake Health Topic Burden Country Champion Pricing agreement Cost to End User