Scale Data

Scale data illustrates the progress or reach of the interventions at a global level. We break down the demand (actual use), supply (procurement or availability), and policy reach of each intervention across available time periods. Only interventions with data available are viewable; this information is regularly updated. Definitions are provided below the data and indicate if special circumstances apply to the information shown (e.g., the policy reach is calculated out of only high-burden countries, not all countries).

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Population reached

Total LMIC population reached (distribution or use) / Global LMIC population affected



Total units procured by LMICs / Global LMIC population affected


Country availability

Total LMICs providing intervention / Total LMICs affected


Global sales

Total LMIC sales (USD$) / Target LMIC sales (USD$)


Country support

Total LMIC policy or roll-out plans / Total LMICs affected