Global Data

The data presented in the table below identifies key dates of an intervention's path to scaleā€”from its discovery to its uptake across the world. The selected milestones are chosen from the Speedometer framework, which includes nearly 50 global milestone measures and intervention characteristic variables. The filters, which include specific factors that may affect an intervention's time to scale, enable a user to narrow the list of interventions.

In order to view the comprehensive data set of global milestones and characteristics specific to each intervention, click "Download Global". This CSV file includes additional milestones, characteristics, and source data.

View the data dictionary here. Dates displayed are in year-month-day format (as available) and show the exact date identified in the research.

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Intervention Intervention Type Health Topic WHO PQ Developer Champion Main Market WHO EML Care Continuum Pathway Cost Effective LMIC Specific Specific Topic Ideation POC SRA Approval 1st Country Launch WHO PQ or Other Approval WHO First Guidelines WHO Latest Guidelines 20% Global Uptake 50% Global Uptake